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Our Territory for Christ!

These are NOT just colored blocks that you see here…a visual location of the 7+ counties that Lone Star Prairie serves.  Each spot represents a plot of land that holds the lives of children!  This is the territory to be captured for the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching the children for eternity, but to also reach into their families with the Gospel as well. There are 7 counties, plus the city of Royse City which borders on one of our counties.  Royse City sits at the juncture of Hunt, Collin and Rockwall counties.  Our Lone Star Prairie Chapter is headquartered in Greenville, the county seat of Hunt County.  As you travel up north of Hunt County lies Fannin County with Bonham as county...

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Sweet Results of a Fundraiser

These pictures begin to capture what happened at the local Sweet Frog frozen yogurt shop in Greenville when church members showed up using their imaginations and resources to capture attention to our effort, along with church staff members and church friends, CEF families, their  teens and siblings, the many contacts of our workers who contacted their church families…and then you get the SWEET RESULTS of Fellowship!  Yes, the purpose was a fundraiser, but as each family and set of friends came to support the fundraising effort what developed was nothing short  of DELICIOUS…that is the constant sharing of God’s greatness, His mighty work within our ministry’s...

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85%…and I am one of them!

Well, did you know that 80% of those who accept Jesus as Savior come to that decision between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age?   Here in this picture, I was an 8 year old who heard about Jesus.  I was fascinated with who He was, had a little framed picture of Him, heard Bible stories about Him, but no one told me exactly what I needed to do to actually know Him, to become His child, to have my sins forgiven and to have a place in eternity.  The Gospel message was not delivered to me until a year later when my family moved to a new church, and I was so ready!  My new 4th grade Sunday School teacher, unbeknownst to me at the time, used CEF flannelgraph and CEF techniques of delivering the...

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144 Witnesses Campaign

Sunday, September 22, 2013, Lone Star Prairie will initiate its first Fall Fund Raiser with a campaign called 144 Witnesses.  This will be a wonderful time to invite people to become a part of God’s work to reach children with the Gospel message by supplying the financial resources needed. 144 Witnesses is a set of 144 envelopes each with a dollar amount that starts with $1 and consecutively moves up dollar by dollar on each envelope until it reaches $144.  The person will place the dollar amount shown on the envelope and place it into the offering on a Sunday.  As the envelopes are assembled to be received by Lone Star Prairie, it will help to enlist the prayers, the attention, the...

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Jump in there, CHURCH!

The local church…YES!  God intended for His people to be involved to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and to do His Kingdom work right in the midst of the neighborhood that the local church sits within.  First Baptist Church of Sulphur Springs is an example of one of the churches who is involved with CEF of Lone Star Prairie.  FBC of Sulphur Springs has partnered with the local Boys & Girls Club to come alongside to get to know the kids after school and share life with them in a variety of ways. This past summer, as well as the summer before, Boys & Girls Club of Sulphur Springs worked side by side with the CYIA team of Lone Star Prairie to hold 5 Day Clubs. ...

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Good News Club Season Begins !

  The Good News Club season begins this last week of September or early October.  Each GNC location will have specific times and places where they will meet as well as the individual churches who will sponsor specific clubs. Pray that God will continue to touch the hearts of Believers in area churches to see the vision of reaching children where THEY ARE! Schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, apartment communities,  day care centers and homes will be the places where children can be found to share with them the love of Christ and the saving power to change their lives now and for eternity.  We desire to minister beyond the GNCs to meet these children’s families and to reach them as well through...

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