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LSP prayer mapThese are NOT just colored blocks that you see here…a visual location of the 7+ counties that Lone Star Prairie serves.  Each spot represents a plot of land that holds the lives of children!  This is the territory to be captured for the Gospel of Jesus Christ by reaching the children for eternity, but to also reach into their families with the Gospel as well.

There are 7 counties, plus the city of Royse City which borders on one of our counties.  Royse City sits at the juncture of Hunt, Collin and Rockwall counties.  Our Lone Star Prairie Chapter is headquartered in Greenville, the county seat of Hunt County.  As you travel up north of Hunt County lies Fannin County with Bonham as county seat; next north and east is Lamar County with Paris as the county seat; below Lamar is the tiny county of Delta with Cooper as the county seat; on southward below Delta is Hopkins County with Sulphur Springs as the county seat.  As you drop below Hopkins County then you start to round the corner heading south and westward to Wood County with the county seat of Quitman; then you finish into the 7th county of Rains County with the county seat found in Emory, Texas.

Did you know that these 7+ counties have a population of about 260,000 people which is the same population as the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea?  A huge Texas thing happens though and that is that Lone Star Prairie’s square mileage is 25 times the size of the island of Barbados!  What a privilege that God has given us to reach the children of our Lone Star Prairie “island” or territory.

Lone Star Prairie’s children that are our focus for evangelizing are children that range from 4 years old to 14 years old.  This is the optimum “window” that statistics show are the most receptive years to tell them the Gospel.  About 80% of Believers, born again Christians who’ve asked Jesus to be their Savior, made that critical, eternal decision within this 4 to 14 year old time frame!

You might be thinking, well aren’t they already hearing the Bible stories about Jesus in Sunday School?  The answer is “NO” because most children are secularized through their school experiences, have families that are secular and have little access to attending church or Sunday School.  America is no longer a Christian nation in thought or in practice.  Children can not walk or drive themselves to Sunday School.  For those who do attend Sunday School, are they in a Bible preaching, teaching and Biblical living church?  Sadly, that is also not the norm.  Then add to the fact that many Sunday School teachers that teach within these churches are not readily provided with the skills to teach children the Gospel, how to weave the Gospel into the Bible story making it a Bible lesson, or how to clearly share and invite children to receive Jesus as their own personal Savior.

We of Lone Star Prairie Chapter of CEF, delight to come alongside of the local church in training, equipping, and supporting those who desire not to just work within the walls of their church with children, but to SEE the FIELDS that are white unto HARVEST right in the very neighborhoods, schools and apartment complexes where children are outside of the Gospel message.  They haven’t been taught or told or shown that Jesus can change everything in their lives, both NOW and FOREVER!

So, those colored boxes and shapes of the map above, really are the territories where the nearly 29,000 children live who need to hear about the mighty Savior, Jesus Christ, and come to know Him personally and become members of the most important territory of all….


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