Sweet Results of a Fundraiser

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WB training & Sweet Frog March 2014 011

These pictures begin to capture what happened at the local Sweet Frog frozen yogurt shop in Greenville when church members showed up using their imaginations and resources to capture attention to our effort, along with church staff members and church friends, CEF families, their  teens and siblings, the many contacts of our workers who contacted their church families…and then you get the SWEET RESULTS of Fellowship!  Yes, the purpose was a fundraiser, but as each family and set of friends came to support the fundraising effort what developed was nothing short  of DELICIOUS…that is the constant sharing of God’s greatness, His mighty work within our ministry’s mission field and what God is doing in the lives of His people as we serve Him.  Many stories also came to light of many of our CYIA teens who’ve gained many exciting experiences of growing their faith due to their training.  These teens then are also being used not only in the areas within Lone Star Prairie but many are also being called to share the Gospel on the foreign mission field.  No telling what all God has in mind as He shows us how, when and where to go to do the Great Commission work!

We celebrate the amazing things that God is also doing to grow our Lone Star Prairie chapter of CEF!  In July, we will celebrate completing 2 years as a chapter in our expanded 7 counties.  We are amazed as we realize that there are over 25,000 children in our mission field to reach!  Seems as though almost daily we are watching as God continues to open up avenues that will create ministry in every one of these 7 counties.  This is exciting because we see how God brings new people and contacts to us that we had absolutely no imput in creating!  It is God who works in hearts and lives and He literally brings folks to us that we’ve never known or would have no way of meeting them apart from these divine appointments.

Lone Star Prairie gives glory to God for His guidance and help in our fundraiser along with each who shared their time with us, eating the sweet treats and sharing in the delicious stories of His workings!  Thanks to everyone for your desires to help and bless our ministry.  You certainly have been the best ever in topping off the efforts that we are still savoring from the event.  May you continue to enjoy His blessings and grace!


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