In 1937 Rev. Jesse Irvin Overholtzer, then 60 years old, was enabled by God to found Child Evangelism Fellowship®, now the largest evangelistic outreach to children in the world.  The first recorded teacher training institute was held in 1945.

Lone Star Prairie Chapter History

Due to the size of our state, Texas is divided into two parts: CEF of East Texas® and CEF of West Texas®. Each of these are divided into chapters or areas so the work is local. Each chapter works under the leadership of their state office.

Today there are 15 chapters in CEF of East Texas. Lone Star Prairie Chapter became one of these chapters in June, 2012. It includes 7 counties: Hunt, Fannin, Lamar, Delta, Hopkins, Wood and Rains.

In the year 2000 when Annie Falconer began working for CEF of Greater Dallas, there was no CEF work in any of these counties. Since her home was located in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas, she was led to begin ministry in her home town along with her work in Dallas. Soon Donna Coppinger joined her and the work grew. Within 3 years the area was named Tri County and included Hunt, Rains and Wood Counties.  Sharon Hogan joined the team in 2004 and after retiring from public school teaching became a staff missionary in 2011.

Through contacts with churches & believers; Good News Clubs®, Christian Youth in Action® and 5-Day Clubs® began popping up. It became evident the work could be started in the surrounding counties also. God brought together a wonderful team of believers ready to launch this new chapter under the leadership of our state director and state board.  Lone Star Prairie has an incredible local governing committee of men and women who believe in God’s call to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This committee oversees the many aspects of the ministry along with the expansion to reach children in all 7 counties.  Annie Falconer is the Director of Lone Star Prairie Chapter.

CEF Lone Star Prairie is located in Greenville, Texas. The major cities in the 7 counties are within 30 to 50 miles of Greenville, making it a reasonable distance to be well connected to fellowship and working together as a CEF team.

We are excited to be a part of God’s plan to reach “Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day”.



CEF® Lone Star Prairie

P. O. Box 8161
Greenville, Tx 75404-8161
Phone: 903-455-4297
Email: cefoflsp@gmail.com

CEF® Lone Star Prairie
P. O. Box 8161 • Greenville, Tx 75404-8161 • Phone: 903-455-4297 • Email: cefoflsp@gmail.com