5-Day Club

5-Day Clubs are wonderful. The dynamics are amazing. Children relate well to the Christian Youth In Action® team teaching their club. It as if they are thinking, “This person is just a little older than me. I can do this myself soon!” Children are never ready for the week to be over.

At 5-Day Club children hear the Gospel and are given the opportunity to respond to the message. The songs are fun and lively. Memory verses are taught in a fun way and sometimes sung. An exciting missionary adventure story keeps children on the edge of their seat and waiting to see what will happen tomorrow! Pre games, review games and verse games add to the fun.

We have clubs meeting in parks, apartment complexes, day care centers and homes. We also teach Vacation Bible School 5-Day Clubs. The time is Monday to Friday for 1 hour and a half. We spend June and July teaching 5-Day Clubs.

Your Church can get involved. We can provide a CYIA team to teach VBS or partner with your church team to teach VBS with our materials. You can also ask your church families to host a club in their neighborhood. What better way to reach your neighbors for Christ and grow your church than a fun club that teaches a very clear Gospel message?

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