Hunt County

Hunt County:

Hunt County has 45 schools serving 14,204 students.  There are approximately 7,005 students between the ages of Kindergarten through 6th grade who are eligible to attend Good News Clubs!  That is an enormous number as a mission field if we could just comprehend the tremendous need to reach these children for Christ!

Will you and others of your church ask God to give you the heart and desire to be used by Him to reach these children, and God willing, to reach even to their families?   God CAN TRANSFORM a whole community as He changes the lives of those who come to know Him through faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Our Lone Star Prairie Chapter is located within this, our largest county.  There are a number of churches and Good News Clubs in this area, but we have barely even scratched the surface of reaching the multitudes of unreached, unchurched children in this county!  How will they know of His great love for them unless someone like you and your church are willing to tell them?  How will you do that?  They are not in our churches, so Good News Clubs are a way to go to where they are….in SCHOOL!

Good News Clubs are the best kept secret (not on purpose!) for amazing missions work within the local community as well as using the training skills in so many other venues and outreach opportunities.  Ask God if He would use YOU!  Pray for His leadership and direction in inviting others to join you in this Kingdom work of missions right within your neighborhood!

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